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01. Only Human (New Track) 
0. Bird Of Prey (New Version) 
03. Sunrise (New Version) 
04. Stealin` (New Version) 
05. Corridors Of Madness (New Track) 
06. Between Two Worlds (New Version) 
07. The Wizard (New Version) 
08. Free Me (New Version) 
09. Free And Easy (New Version) 
10. Gypsy (New Version) 
11. Look At Yourself (New Version) 
12. July Morning (New Version) 
13. Easy Living (New Version) 
14. Lady In Black (New Version) 
 Total Time: 62:47 
 DVD ''Live At Sweden Rock Festival'' (CD + DVD Edition only) 
1. Sunrise 
2. Stealin' 
3. Gypsy 
4. Look At Yourself 
5. July Morning 
6. Easy Livin' 
7. Lady In Black

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