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I Wanna Be Free (Hensley)

Intro: |A-----G-D|A-----G-D|A------G-D|E-A-E------||A------|A------|
As I [A]wake up everyday [G]with no [A]new songs to play
[G]Feeling [A]like I ought to pack my bag and [G]run
My [A]imagination flies [G]to some [A]other sunny skies
[G]Where I [A]felt so good and everything was [G]done
And my [F#]time was my [E]own, and my [G]heart felt so [D]free, Come On!
I don't [A]mind a little rain, [G]but [A]it doesn't seem the same
[G]When the [A]clouds shut out your beauty from my [G]eyes
There's a [A]storm inside my head [G]and I [A]know it doesn't lead
[G]To a [A]clearer a day when nobody will [G]cry
I can't [F#]stand here [E]alone, and I [G]need to be [D]free .. free!
So bring [A]fire and bring steel, for [G]you [A]know the way I feel
Brin[G]g a [A]silver horse to carry me [G]away
I'm no [A]stranger, I'm a friend and [G]my [A]pain will never end
Till [G]the [A]world will let us live out lives as [G]one
And our [F#]time is our [E]own, and our [G]hearts can be [D]free
[E]I wanna be free, [D]I wanna be free, [A]I wanna be free, [C]I wanna be free

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