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 Give It Up

You got your sugar
You got your spice
You got a kitten
Now isn't that nice
You just can't wait for a picnic in Spring
I just get nauseous
When I think of those things

You wait and wait and you wait for a lifetime
For a little piece of cake in the night time yeah
You wait and wait you can't wait any longer
You wait and wait, couldn't be any wronger no
Give it up
Don't let it get you down
Give it up
you really really blew it
Give it up
Turn your head around

You shop around for a sensible car
You hold your breath when you wish on a star
You settle down in a warm little house
You make some babies with your warm little spouse
Ah, how nice

Just when you got it made
And all your bills are paid
You stumble and fall into your grave
Ah, too bad

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