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Come Away Melinda (Hellerman/Minkoff)

[Ebm]Daddy, [Db]daddy, come and look[B], see what [Db]I have found
[Ebm]A little ways [Db]away from here[B], while [Ebm]digging in the ground[Ebm7+]
[F#]Come [Db]away Melind[Bbm]a, come in and [Fm]close the door
[F#]It's nothing[Db], just a picture boo[Bbm]k, they [Fm]had before [Bbm]the [Bm]war
[Ebm]Daddy, [Db]daddy come and see[B], daddy, [Db]come and look
[Ebm]Where there's four or[db]five little Melinda girls
[B]Inside {Ebm]my picture book[Ebm7+]
[F#]Come [Db]away Melind[Bbm]a, come in and [Fm]close the door
[F#]There were lot[Db]s of little girls like you[Bbm]
[Bbm]Before they [Fm]had [Bbm]the w[Bm]ar
[Em]Oh daddy, [D]daddy come and see[C], daddy [D]hurry do!
[Em]While there's som[D]eone in a pretty dress
[C]She's all grown [Em]up like you, won't you [Em7+]tell me why
[G]Come [D]away Melinda[Bm], come in and [F#m]close the door
[G]That som[D]eone is your mummy[Bm], you [F#m]had before the [Bm]war
[Em]Daddy, [D]daddy[C] tell me [D]if you can
[Em]Why can't things be[D] the way they were[C], be[Em]fore the war began[Em7+]
[G]Come a[D]way Melinda[Bm], come in and [F#m]close the door
[G]The answer lies [D]in yesterday[F#m], before they had the[Bm] war

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