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Trevor Bolder was born in Hull UK on June 9th 1950. The first band experience Bolder had was with the CHICAGO BLUES STYLE BAND. In 198 he founded the band RONO with MICK RONSON (ex-Rats). The same year RONO recorded the single 4TH HOUR OF MY SLEEP/POWERS OF DARKNESS, but Bolder does not appear on this one although his name is printed on the sleeve. He was replaced by TONY VISCONTI. RONO recorded a complete album which has never been released. In 1971 Bolder played bass on DAVID BOWIE’S album HUNKY DORY. Some of the other musicians then were: MICK RONSON guitar and RICK WAKEMAN piano. In 1972 he did his job on BOWIE’S anthem THE RISE AND FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST & THE SPIDERS FROM MARS. In 1973 Bolder played on DANA GILLESPIE’S album WEREN’T BORN AS A MAN together with MICK RONSON, RICK WAKEMAN, DAVID BOWIE, CHRIS REA, and RAY COOPER.  In 1973 Bolder joined the MICK RONSON BAND. Other bandmembers then were MICK GARSON and AYNSLEY DUNBAR. A year later SLAUGHTER ON 10TH AVENUE was released. In September 1974 the band splitted. As a farewell gift PLAY DON’T WORRY was released in 1975. In 1975 THE SPIDERS FROM MARS were formed. With Bolder, WOODY WOODMANSEY (drums), DAVE BLACK (guitar), PETE McDONALD (vocals), and MIKE GARSON (keyboards), and the album with the same name was recorded, being released in 1976. The ten songs show a high musical level, especially the Bolder songs such as PRISONER and RAINBOW. RED EYES, I DON’T WANNA DO NO LIMBO and STRANGER TO MY DOOR were written by Bolder and McDONALD. But after this album the band stopped in early 1976. In September 1976 Bolder replaced JOHN WETTON in URIAH HEEP. He stayed there until March 1981 and played on the following albums: FIREFLY (1977), INNOCENT VICTIM (1977), FALLEN ANGEL (1978) and CONQUEST (1980). Bolder did his part in songwriting. From SAVE IT of FALLEN ANGEL to NO RETURN, FOOLS, WON’T HAVE TO WAIT TOO LONG and IT AIN’T EASY from CONQUEST. Although CONQUEST got bad critics, many fans say Bolder was on his best on this one. Maybe the funky style was responsible for it. When at the end of 1980 things went wrong with Uriah Heep (Hensley left the band) Bolder and Mick Box visited DAVID BYRON trying to bring him back as a frontman. They were stunned as Byron refused,  and  it  seemed  to  be the last action that could save Heep from disaster. Later Bolder

In 1981 Bolder played with Ken Hensley on his solo album FREE SPIRIT.

In April 1981 Bolder changed Heep for WISHBONE ASH, however his heart was with Uriah Heep. In WISHBONE ASH then were ANDY POWELL, LAURIE WISEFIELD, and STEVE UPTON. There again he replaced JOHN WETTON, like 5 years before with Heep. So WISHBONE ASH could go on touring. In December 1981 WISHBONE ASH gigged in India as one of the first rockbands to ever play there. Bolder did the singing parts in the band with ANDY POWELL. In 1982 TWIN BARRELS BURNING was recorded at the JIMMY PAGE homestudio for the mini-label AVM. The band started touring again. There was unexpected success with the album, and the 22nd place in the UK album charts was celebrated. From the middle of 1982 until February 1983 WISHBONE ASH toured through India, England, Italy, Holland, USA and Sweden. In April 1983 Bolder returned to Uriah Heep in time for the HEAD FIRST TOUR. He replaced BOB DAISLEY. From this point Bolder never left Heep again. He became a factor of importance within the band, as he wrote and writes great songs and he also worked eventually as a producer. Since he’s back with Heep he demonstrated his high level bass playing on 12 official albums: EQUATOR (1985), LIVE IN MOSCOW (1988), RAGING SILENCE (1989), DIFFERENT WORLD (1991), SEA OF LIGHT (1995), SPELLBINDER (1996), SONIC ORIGAMI (1998), FUTURE ECHOES OF THE PAST (2000), ACOUSTICALLY DRIVEN (2001), ELECTRICALLY DRIVEN (2001), MAGICIAN'S BIRTHDAY PARTY (2002), LIVE IN USA (2003). After Mick Box and Lee Kerslake he’s the one who's been more time in the band. For SEA OF LIGHT, the 1995 album released by Steamhammer, Bolder wrote SWEET SUGAR, FEAR OF FALLING, FIRES OF HELL and DREAM ON. This acoustic song was released as a single but due to the lack of promotion it had no chance to achieve success. The 1998 album SONIC ORIGAMI contains three Bolder songs:  I HEAR VOICES, SHELTER FROM THE RAIN and ONLY THE YOUNG. He co-wrote EVERYTHING IN LIFE, an older song which was often played live but never recorded in studio before. Besides HEEP, in 1995 the SPIDERS FROM MARS were reformed just for a MICK RONSON tribute festival. The line up on this tour was WOODY WOODMANSEY on drums, and the guitar was played by former NAZARETH member BILLY RANKIN. In 1996 even a TRIBUTE FESTIVAL tour was set up in the UK with Bolder. In July 1997 THE SPIDERS FROM MARS started a minor UK tour. JOE ELLIOT and PHIL COLLEN from DEF LEPPARD also joined the Spiders on a few occasions, and a live album was recorded under the name CYBERNAUTS. URIAH HEEP are still going strong and right now they're in the Chapel Recording Studios in the UK preparing their new studio album, scheduled to be released in September 2007 on Sanctuary Records. A solo effort by Trevor is also expected for some time soon. So we can expect a lot of music coming from Trevor and his Heep mates in the coming future.


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